Possible Side Effects Of Valium

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The feeling of unease such as of fear or worry is termed as anxiety. This feeling can be mild or severe. Every person go through anxiety in some point of their life. Sitting in examination hall can give a person anxiety. People may feel anxious or worried during job interview or during the medical test. During this situation, the feeling of worriedness and anxiousness is perfectly normal. Some people feel worried on constant basis and are not able to control their worries. The constant state of anxiety and worriedness alters the normal daily life of a person. Anxiety is considered as the main symptom of the several conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder which is abbreviated as PTSD, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder etc.

There is a condition known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). It is the long term condition which makes person to worry about wide range of issues and situation rather than one issue. People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder remain in constant state of worrying and tend to not remember the last time they were relaxed. If one anxious thought is solved, another issue appears and person starts to worry about that. GAD causes both physical and mental symptoms. The symptoms of GAD varies from person to person. The symptoms include feeling worried or restless. Person suffering from GAD faces trouble in sleeping. Dizziness is one the main symptoms of GAD.

Valium and its uses

It is the medicine which is used to treat anxiety. The agitations caused by alcohol withdrawal are controlled by valium. The muscle spasms are treated with the help of valium. The neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy cause spasticity which is also relieved with valium. The cerebral palsy difficulty in balance and movement of body may also arise after using Valium. The effects of other neurological disorders such paraplegia, Athetosis and stiff man syndrome is treated by valium. The condition of abnormal muscle contraction is known as athetosis. Person going through seizure attacks are recommended to use valium. Valium consists of active ingredient known as diazepam. Diazepam belongs to the class of medications known as benzodiazepines. When people go through anxiety or anxiety related problems, the chemical activity of brain is altered. Valium works by calming the abnormal over activity in brain.

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Possible Side Effects of Valium

The most common side effect which were reported due to the use of valium were drowsiness, muscle weakness, fatigue. Some people also face ataxia. Valium also affects the central nervous system of the consumer. The effects on the central nervous are headache, slurred speech, depression, dysarthria, vertigo, and tremor. The gastrointestinal system of the person is altered by using valium. People are seen to face the problem of nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, and constipation. The vision of the person is also disturbed by using valium. Valium affects the cardiovascular system of the person as well. Person goes through hypotension while using valium.

There is paradoxical and psychiatric reaction due to the use of valium. Restlessness, rage, aggressiveness, agitation, delusions, psychoses is caused by using valium. The sleeping pattern of the person is disturbed by consuming valium. Person may go through insomnia and nightmares. If any of these occur, it is suggested to discontinue the use of drug. These effects are more likely to appear in children and in elderly people.

possible side effect of valium

The urogenital system is also affected by using valium. The changes in libido are seen along with urinary retention. The several reactions on skin appear due to the use of valium. Changes in salivation also arise with the use of valium which includes episodes of dry mouth and hyper salivation. The amnestic effects are also seen which are associated with the inappropriate behavior.

As cases of jaundice are seen in patients using valium so it is advised to go through liver function tests periodically. When the valium is diazepam is discontinued abruptly, the withdrawal symptoms are seen in patients. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are sweating, muscle pain, tension, muscle cramps, restlessness, irritability, confusion, vomiting etc.

Some of the symptoms which appear in the extreme cases are hyper-sensitivity to light, physical contact, and noise, epileptic seizures, hallucinations etc. The discontinuation of the medicine or the therapy may lead to rebound phenomena.

Rebound Anxiety: this state occurs due to the discontinuation of the valium. The phenomena occur in the enhanced form. Restlessness, anxiety, and mood changes occur due to the discontinuation of the medicine. The abrupt discontinuation of the therapy leads to the rebound phenomena which are greater so it is advised to lower the dose before discontinuing the medicine.

It is advised that you take proper dosage of the medication and never exceed the dosage without consulting with the doctor. This can increase the risk of side effects in a patient. The medicine is habit forming and you need to make sure that you do not take it for more than 3 weeks. If the anxiety problem does not solve, consult with the doctor and ask if the dosage can be adjusted.

Some people also complain about the withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the medication all of the sudden. If you do not want to experience the withdrawal symptoms, make sure you gradually decreasebe the dosage. We offer a safe and legal way to buy the medication and you only need to provide the basic details and place the order and the medication will be delivered to your doorstep.